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La Colombe Joyeuse
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The pigeon-fancying society « La Colombe Joyeuse » was set up in 1876 by three pigeon fanciers: Mr Martens(father),Mr Vandamme and Mr Toulet.
Its first premises,”Le Mont Parnasse” was located  in the rue de Flandre(Flanders street) in Brussels.
Later on in the beginning of the 20 th century it moves to the premises « Le Tonneau »(the barrel)

At that time, Mr Jules Janssens, future first president of the Belgian Pigeon-fancying Federation became president of the Colombe Joyeuse.

After World War I , the society moved its premises to the center of Brussels in the Borgval street about 200 meters of the famous Grand-Place (Market Place) under the vice-presidency of Mr Stassard who was followed by Mr Henri Martens.
In 1926 “La Colombe Joyeuse” became a Royal Society.

In 1931,Mr Martens sets up ,inside the “Colombe Joyeuse” , the “Belgian Harmony” that was to organize national competitions.

Mr Warzee took over after the long presidency of Mr Martens .
He was the conceptor  of “Air Pigeon” that took care of the pigeons airfreight after WWII.
Mr Warzee and Martens were also the conceptors in 1928 of the broadcast meteorological service for the pigeon fanciers.

In 1958 on insistency of Mr Warzee,the presidency was taken over by Mr Georges DE PADUWA;
On July 21st 1962 he organized the first Pau race based on a revolutionary formula that divided Belgium in three areas(West,Center,East) and limited the number of pigeons for each area and for each participant.
This new formula brought 680 pigeons together and each one was registered in the Center, Borgval street in Brussels.

Pau became an international race in1966;

Mr Fernand Goffin was confirmed as president in 1970 and stayed in place until 2000.
Since than the presidency of “La Colombe Joyeuse was taken over by Mr Danny VAN BAEL

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